New EdTech Classroom. Reduce Time Grading by Giving Real Time Feedback (Sumažinkite laiko sąnaudas teikdami grįžtamąjį ryšį realiuoju laiku)

Šiame vaizdo įraše „Google for Education“, „National Geographic“ sertifikuotas pedagogas Sam Kary pristato, kaip mokytojai galėtų sumažinti laiko sąnaudas, teikdami mokiniams grįžtamąjį ryšį realiuoju laiku. 

This week's Tuesday Tech Tip is to reduce the time you spend grading by giving students real time feedback on their work. In this video Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom discusses how to shift your mindset around the purpose of grading, as well as provides two strategies for how to use technology to give in the moment feedback to students. By giving students feedback in class, you'll not only cut down on your personal grading time, you'll also help create a classroom environment more conducive to learning! 

New EdTech Classroom. 

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